5 Best Sofa For Heavy Person: Reviews & Buying Guide

best couches for heavy person

How to choose a strong sofa for heavy person?

Buying a couch for heavy person is not an easy task. It starts, in most cases by asking the right questions: who will be its user? Where are you going to install it? What is your budget? What is the weight of a person? The answer to all these questions can be found in our buying guide for the best sofa for heavy person.

best couches for heavy person

List of The best sofa for heavy person

For the past few years, plus size peoples looking to find the best sofa for heavy person on the market have had to choose between a variety of models, as practical as they are aesthetic. Fortunately, there are sofas for heavy person that will better meet your expectations in order to make the list shorter.

Recommended products

#1 Bobochic Lena

Bobochic Lena

Main advantage:

The first thing that we can highlight about this sofa is its manufacturing quality. Thanks to a very good padding, it is very comfortable.

Main drawback:

The assembly of this piece of furniture will take you some time if you are not used to tinkering. However, you can rest assured. It comes with a manual that explains in detail how to assemble it. So you shouldn't be having too much trouble.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

This Scandinavian corner sofa offered by the brand Bobochic is very interesting. In addition to being very robust, it is also very comfortable. And from our side this is the best couch for heavy person, that’s why we keep it on number 1 position.

Main Features Explained


This corner sofa offered by the Bobochic brand is very solid. There is nothing to add regarding its robustness. You can verify it yourself by observing the materials with which it was made. Its structure consists of solid wood and particle board.

And for the feet, they are made of natural wood and very solid plastic materials. Then, on the other hand, the cushions are covered by a 100% polyester fabric covering. The latter resists wear very well. All this to give an illustration of the solidity of this sofa.


In a living room, the sofa is set up to welcome visitors. And if there are no visitors, this is where most often all the members of the family meet to watch a TV program or to chat. For these different reasons, it is important to insist on the comfort side. Please note that you will also have nothing to say at this point regarding our product. Indeed, this sofa offers a very comfortable seat.

This is normal since the manufacturers have done everything necessary for this. The cushions are filled with polyether foam with a density of 28kg / m 2 . On the other hand, the suspension is provided by zigzag springs. The backrest is also lined with sprout granules. Thanks to these different elements of the sofa, you can sit as long as you want on it, you will not feel any discomfort.


When you have an interior that is not very spacious, it is often complicated to equip yourself with all the furniture you want since there is not enough space. And it can become a real problem when you have guests who are going to spend the night at your house and you don't have enough beds. Well, with this sofa, you have an additional solution.

Indeed, the latter has the particularity of being able to convert into an extra bed. To do this, you just need to press the folder. There you go, you can go to bed. So if you want to save space in your home, this piece of furniture is likely to interest you. In addition to being a sofa, it is also an extra bed.

#2 Tendencio ENNO

Tendencio ENNO

If you are asked how to choose the best sofa for heavy person of 2020 and you answer that it is necessary to take into account, above all, the design and the aesthetics of the product, ENNO will be a choice that you can make with confidence.

This U-shaped convertible sofa is made of birch and pine wood. And this choice was not made by chance, because these materials are recognized as being solid and resistant. For the design side, of which Tendencio can be particularly proud, this model has a faux leather finish which gives the room a contemporary and classy style.

With a length of 345 cm and a depth of 160 cm, you can easily place this sofa in any medium-sized living room. And to save even more space, the manufacturer had the brilliant idea of ​​providing this model with a storage box under the central seat. You avoid paying plus size guests from looking at your valuables.

If you are also one of those who do not like spending too much time cleaning, you can hide all the objects lying around in the living room. The seats are comfortable and firm.

In case you can't figure out where to buy the best sofa, you can consider the features of this product. It is a high quality corner sofa manufactured. It is both firm and comfortable.

Good points


This article appears in this ranking given the resistance it shows. This sofa is made of pine and bolt wood. These materials were chosen because they provide great solidity to the whole.


The aesthetics of this U-shaped device has been well thought out to match everyone's tastes. It is designed in imitation leather and brings a contemporary touch to the room.


The furniture does not require much space for its installation. The integrated storage boxes allow you to put all the objects you want.

Negative points


Some buyers said that the assembly was particularly laborious. However, there was no explanatory document.

#3 Vasagle 3 Seater Sofa with Imitation Linen Fabric Surface

VASAGLE 3 Seater Sofa, Imitation Linen Fabric Surface

To relax and enjoy the TV or a good book without creaking the couch, then this sofa is the perfect place. There are all sizes and they are made of various materials. The one offered by VASAGLE is a 3-seater model. It has a width of 180 cm with a seat of 154 cm. The depth of this is 55 cm, which is more than enough and very comfortable. The total depth of the sofa is 83 cm. Its height is 82 cm. With these dimensions, it can be installed in the living room or in the bedroom.

This sofa has a resistant wooden frame. It is eucalyptus. The feet, meanwhile, are made of solid rubberwood. They are dyed black. The set is very solid and once assembled, the sofa can support 200 kg / seat and this for 8 h. The structure incorporates Z springs. The padding consists of a non-deformable foam.

It is wrapped in an emerald green linen imitation fabric. 2 large cushions and 2 bolsters accompany this sofa. They are also equipped with covers of the same fabric as the sofa. These have a zip. Thus, these pillowcases can be removed for washing. Additional space is available under the sofa for storing cushions. It is also closed with a zip.

The pack that contains this sofa also includes a mounting kit and detailed instructions. Thus equipped, you can assemble this piece of furniture in 30 min maximum.

Good points


The design of this sofa is elegant. This embellishes any room, whether a living room, a guest room or a child's room.

Easy assembly:

Thanks to the precise instructions available in several languages ​​including French, the assembly is done in no time. In addition, the pieces fit together perfectly.

Solid furniture:

The wooden frame, the foam and the fabric are all resistant materials. So this sofa is guaranteed to last a good while.

Negative points

Is not spacious:

This sofa can only accommodate a maximum of 3 people. If you want a complete living room, you will have to buy an armchair or even two apart.

#4 Rivet Revolve modern sofa

Amazon brand - Rivet Revolve - modern sofa

A sofa is a piece of furniture used not only to welcome guests but also to decorate a room. Rivet, an Amazon brand, has different sofas in its different ranges of furniture. It is 203 cm wide. It is therefore large enough for 3 people to settle in comfortably. With 88 cm deep and 90 cm high, sitting and getting up is not a difficult exercise. This height is, in fact, categorized as average. In addition, the seat tilt is perfectly balanced, neither too tilted nor too straightened.

The frame and legs of this sofa are made of solid wood. These are in particular beech. The whole structure is therefore solid. The foam that makes up the cushions is high density with Dacron coating.

It is firm but with medium hardness. This improves the comfort of the furniture. The fabric covering the sofa and the cushions is polyester. Weave gray (woven), it is elegant, durable and stain resistant. As proof, cleaning can be done simply with a soft, dry cloth. The cushions are removable and removable. Thus, the covers can be washed more easily if necessary.

The neutral color, the refined form and the texture of this sofa make it a completely modern and timeless piece of furniture at the same time. Its design makes it compatible with all types of interior decoration. Its armrests are high and the sides are symmetrical. These details contribute to the bold style of this sofa.

Good points


With a modern and timeless design, this sofa goes well with all interior styles. It highlights each room where it is placed.


All the materials that go into making this sofa are solid. Whether it is wood, fabric or foam, all of these components are of good quality.


The height and depth of the seat are ideal for comfortable seating. In addition, the foam is very firm without being too hard.

Negative points


Some finishes on this sofa are not up to the general quality of the product.

#5 Designetsamaison Bench Clic Clac 3 Places

Designetsamaison Clic Clac 3 Seater Bench Gray

Some pieces of furniture are designed to be multi-use. The case of the Clic Clac sofa is typical. Designetsamaison has such a bench among its products. This model, in its sofa configuration, is made to accommodate 3 people. Indeed, with a length of 175 cm, the seat has the necessary space. 83 cm deep, this sofa is comfortable. It has a height of 76 cm.

As a Clic Clac, this piece of furniture can be converted into a bed. This is done in just a few seconds. You get an extra bed for a surprise guest for example. It offers enough space for a single person to sleep there. Indeed, once deployed, the sofa is 175 cm long and 93 cm wide.

The structure of this bench, including the legs, is made of wood. These are oblique. They give stability to the furniture but also a touch of aesthetics. The cover that covers the seat is made of a high-resistance fabric. Thus, this piece of furniture is guaranteed to last for quite a long time. The foam that covers this piece of furniture is highly resilient. Therefore, it is not likely to deform quickly.

The fabric covering this piece of furniture is a beautiful gray. The back, meanwhile, is covered with black fabric. The front has pits. These seams form square patterns giving a very aesthetic effect. This Scandinavian touch makes this sofa an ideal piece of furniture for an office as well as for a living room.

Good points


This bench can be transformed into a bed. In a few seconds, it goes from a 3 seater sofa to a single bed. This is practical in certain situations.


The gray fabric and the wooden legs as well as the seams make this sofa an aesthetic and refined piece of furniture. It gives a modern touch to interior decoration.


This Clic Clac sofa is made with quality materials. From wood to textiles to foam, everything is solid.

Negative points


As a bench, comfort is not optimal on this Clic Clac sofa.

Guide to Buy Best Couch for Heavy Person

best couch for heavy person

The cushions

To be certain of obtaining a quality and comfortability of best sofa for heavy person, you will need to take into account, as a first point, the cushions that equip your furniture. The most common, but also the most affordable padding remains polyurethane foam to this day. And just because it is available at low prices does not mean that models with this type of foam do not readily answer the question how to buy a sofa with better value for money.

It is even the opposite, because this alternative allows you to take advantage of all the advantages of good cushions: unequaled softness, resistance and durability which allows the sofa not to flatten over time. And this is an important criterion since the aesthetics of the sofa will be greatly affected if the cushions flatten quickly.

The cushions which have made their padding the feathers or the downs also ensure a softness and a maximum comfort. However, they will need special care at the risk of softening fairly quickly. For most informed users, it is also advisable to opt for the two alternatives by finding cushions that bring together foam and feathers.

The dimensions

The real challenge when it comes to buying couch for heavy person is to make sure it fits properly into the space where you want to place it. And we have advice tailored to that. Before you even start buying, do not forget to measure beforehand the place where you are going to install it as well as all the furniture that is around it.

best sofa for heavy person

Will this sofa allow members of the house to continue to walk freely in the living room? So that you do not have to suffer this problem, it is essential to take the exact measurements of the sofa. Also make sure that the latter can enter safely into all the doors that lead to your stay. Generally, information on dimensions is already available on the price comparison.

The coating

You can easily define where to buy a new sofa when you have taken into account the option on the covering. There are several choices for this: leather, fabric, synthetic and many more. Before being guided by the aesthetic side, take into account the practical side of your choices.

Cotton is available at a low price and will allow you to avoid the accumulation of dust on your sofa. However, it requires more interviews than others. Leather, if treated well, is like wine: it improves over time. Even after years, your leather sofa will still have a special place in your living room. In recent years, synthetic fabrics have been the king of the sofa market.

What covering should you choose for your sofa?

Leather, fabric or synthetic sofa? Dilemma. Each coating has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice is as much guided by the aesthetic aspect as practical. For aesthetics, everyone will have their preferences; practical side, here is what you need to know.

Cotton has the advantage of not being expensive. In addition, it does not attract dust. On the other hand, imperatively offer him a stain treatment (scotchgard or teflon). It can sometimes be mixed with wool for a warm appearance.

Leather, well treated, is still what ages best, taking on a beautiful patina. The most beautiful quality: the full flower. Different finishes are applied to the leather, to be chosen according to the degree of resistance and the desired style: aniline, pigmented, printed ... Its disadvantages: its price, and its fragility to certain types of aggression such as the claws of our four-legged friends. Finally, don't forget to feed him regularly. Alternative: imitation leather which, thanks to technological progress, escapes the "cheap" spirit. It is also easier to maintain.

The vel​​​​vet, very soft and with its wide range of colors, won the public's heart with its warm and noble spirit.

The nubuck and suede, extreme resistance since a spot sanded with sandpaper, are a little less expensive as velvet and highly regarded for their vintage-chic look.

Finally, synthetic fabrics have been the king of the market in recent years. Less easily stained and more resistant, they are sometimes softer, with a "peach skin" feel like Alcantara. Check if the microfiber that caught your attention is machine washable.

Whatever the cover, the ideal is of course the removable sofa, which allows you to remove the cover to clean it apart, or even to change it entirely if it is too worn or simply if you want to vary the decor.

How to use a sofa?

strong sofa for heavy person

For evenings with friends, for discussions, for reading a book or even for watching TV, your sofa is your comfort corner in your living room. Whether yours is convertible or corner, the pleasure of landing there remains complete. So, for it to fully fulfill this function, it must meet a few conditions. To help you fully enjoy the benefits of your sofa, follow our instructions below.

Place it in the right place

Be aware that your new furniture can be placed anywhere in your living room. The most important thing is that it should not hinder your usual path when you move in your living room. Ideally, place it against the wall, against your railing or in front of your television. The idea is to put it in a corner so as not to disturb anyone. Placing it in front of the TV is a practical option and, at the same time, you can create a path between the wall and the sofa.

Mount the sofa correctly

The assembly of the sofa depends on the model you have. If it is a simple sofa, simply place the chair in the right place and place the cushions on the flat surface. In case you have a corner sofa, put the different parts of it side by side until it forms a right angle. It is to know that there are no strict rules as for this placement, but the objective is just to obtain a sofa forming an angle in the end.

Use your decor wisely

Aesthetics is essential. In fact, the living room is generally the first room that welcomes you when you get home. It is therefore important that it is well structured and harmonized to bring you a breath of relief and warmth. To do this, place a carpet under your sofa to provide comfort and to center it. Also play with the light in your room to make the sofa more welcoming and cozier.

Take care of the material of your chair

Your sofa is the piece of furniture you sit on when you get home. In other words, your sweat, the oil produced by your hair and your skin can stain this furniture. Before taking full advantage of its comfort, it is important that you learn about the fabric of the sofa. So you will know how you should go about removing these spots. You should know that if you ignore this material, the method used to clean your sofa may damage it.

Clean stains from your sofa

Since the majority of your activities focus on the living room and more specifically on your chair, stains cannot be avoided. How to wipe them? The methods are diverse. For a leather sofa for example, take cleansing milk and test the solvent on a small part. Rub gently. If the color of the leather does not rub off on the fabric you used, you can continue on the entire surface of the chair. If not, stop cleaning and try another method such as soap with glycerin.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to clean a leather sofa?

Cleaning a leather sofa must be done meticulously. First, tap it gently without ever rubbing it. Avoid delaying cleaning actions when the sofa is being stained to increase the ease of degreasing stains. For the cleaner itself, chemicals should be avoided as stain removers. Prefer for example a polish balm composed of entirely organic products which is sold in a 75ml jar on the market. Test the stain remover on a small part of the sofa before applying it carefully on the sofa. Let dry away from heat and do not wet it.

Q2: How to clean a fabric sofa?

First of all, dust the fabric sofa with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure that the sofa frames are well protected by an adhesive coating so as not to be touched by the cleaning product. Then take a wrung sponge for surface cleaning. Then impregnate a mixture of water, vinegar and washing-up liquid on this sponge then wring it out and rub the sponge on the fabric of your sofa. Finally, dry the sofa with a hair dryer.

Q3: How to remove the smell of cat pee on your sofa?

There is nothing more unpleasant than lying on a sofa with the smell of cat pee. To remove it, mix water, a tablespoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of lemon juice with a few drops of lemon essential oil. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray the contents onto the surface of the sofa where the cat has urinated. Finally let it dry without rinsing and the smell will disappear. If you have a dog you should read how to get dog smell out of leather couch easily.

Q4: How to cover a sofa?

A covering cover is the most adopted solution for covering an old sofa. The cover exists in different colors and the choice is very wide. You can wash it once every two months. You can also opt for a plaid. Take a fairly large model with a shade and a material that will combine perfectly with the structure of the sofa and the colors of the frames. Finally, you also have the choice of making the fabric for the sofa yourself. To do this, appeal to your couturier talent and your sense of originality.

Q5: How to strengthen the seat of a sofa?

In order to make the seat of the sofa durable over time, consider replacing the upholstery fabric of the sofa if the latter is made of fabric. Then change the foam for a high resilience foam with a minimum density of 37 kg / m 3. Repair damaged springs or slats if the chassis sag is due to these factors.

Q6: What density for a comfortable sofa?

To ensure the comfort of the sofa, take a seat foam that has a density greater than 36 kg / m 3. As for the back of the sofa, the foam must keep a certain flexibility to optimize the comfort of the sofa. 25 kg / m 3 backrest foam will do the trick.

Final Word

If you are afraid to sit on couch because of creaking, so now you don’t need to worry about it because the list of best sofa for heavy person we gave you above, whichever you choose, it will be the best for you.

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