18 chewy strawberry pies

How to make a strawberry pie? The classic strawberry pie When you go to your favorite pastry chef or even your competitor to find a strawberry pie, often the products are similar. Indeed, in classic pastry, the strawberry tart recipe seems immutable: sweet shortbread, vanilla pastry cream, and a multitude of fresh strawberries on top[…]

What is a healthy salad made of? – She at the Table

Tips on how to make a wholesome salad Wholesome salad or slimming salad? Watch out, once we discuss “healthy salad”, we’re speaking a couple of balanced dish – however not essentially a lightweight one – through which the totally different contributions are represented (proteins, fibers, vitamins, fat) and whose objective shouldn’t be essentially to shed[…]

How to make an original salad

Original salad, instructions for use What ingredients to put in your original salad? What is a salad? Simply a mixture of ingredients between vegetables, fruits, oilseeds, herbs, seeds, or vegetable or animal protein which, together, promise a complete and satisfying dish. If the traditional salads continue to seduce the crowds like the Caesar salad with[…]