Keen observers point out unusual elements of Biden’s Instagram post with Harris

We’re all living in an age where every social media post is scrutinized down to the smallest detail, so you can imagine the rigorous inspection that Joe Biden’s Instagram post announcing Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., was subject to. WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT KAMALA HARRIS To the untrained eye, Biden is seen sitting at a smart desk dressed[…]

50 Cent slammed over Instagram post about Beirut explosion: ‘Have some respect’

Rapper and actor 50 Cent is taking some heat after posting about the Beirut explosion on Instagram. On Tuesday, the city of Beirut in Lebanon was rocked by a massive explosion on the coast that has killed over 100 people, left over 4,000 injured and has caused massive damage to the surrounding area. Footage of the explosion circulated[…]

Madonna’s Instagram flagged over conspiracy video

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Madonna claims to have been exposed to Covid-19 on her Madame X tour earlier this year Pop star Madonna has been censured by Instagram after sharing a video about a coronavirus conspiracy theory to her 15 million followers. In her post, the singer claimed a vaccine for Covid-19 had already[…]

Madonna shares same coronavirus video as Trump, Instagram flags: report

Instagram reportedly flagged a post on Madonna’s account Tuesday after the iconic singer reposted the same coronavirus video that was shared by President Trump that prompted Twitter to remove his tweet. USA Today reported that the video that was linked to her account, which is followed by 15 million, was blurred out with a warning that[…]